How We Work


Kingdom Production’s workflow systems help ensure our customers a quality solution. As we’ve grown, we are steadily improving our processes, equipment, and range of services. And, our talented team has expanded as well, featuring artists and fabricators with exceptional abilities and experience. We work closely with our customers all along the path, gathering input, keeping current information flowing, and maintaining quality control throughout.


Developing a clear scope and managing effectively

At the heart of every successful project or relationship is the ability to communicate effectively. Hearing your story and understanding your needs is the foundation for achieving the very best impact. That’s where our experience and creativity help shape the ideas that will become reality. It’s also where consistent project management is critical to delivering a successful result. We provide a dedicated point of contact and monitor the process from beginning to end, maintaining regular communications with our customers to keep things on schedule, within budget, and meeting expectations.

“We work hard to keep our customers, vendors, and team members up-to-date through our project management process. Quality control is also top of mind and key check points help us ensure that we’re measuring against our internal standards and our customer’s expectations.”
— Hank Pryor, President


Helping imagination become reality

Our team includes versatile designers who work closely with our customers and project management team throughout the creative process.  Design progresses through rough concepts and schematics to detailed final renderings and space plans. During concept exploration, we present different looks and experiential elements. We value the input provided by our customers and make certain that we’re addressing the important questions about how the overall design and physical elements will fit their needs.



Ensuring durability and quality

The best materials and processes are chosen for achieving the end products, which need to last and look great in environments that can often be challenging. This stage often includes the engineering of highly unique solutions. Where it is needed, we also coordinate with architects and structural engineers to develop plans and assure compliance with local regulations. And, we’re used to working with customers at a distance, having done projects all over the United States and Canada.

“The textures, materials, and colors we choose for each design help give richness and depth.  Equally important, the engineering and construction methods we use to fabricate elements are carefully considered so they’ll be a lasting part of any themed environment we create.”
— Steve Brown, Creative Director


Bringing shape to great ideas

Kingdom productions features a gifted team of highly skilled artisans, shop craftsmen, and fabricators.  Our team is experienced in using everything from traditional shop and art tools to sophisticated computer-aided hardware. We are able to craft elaborate and often large scale elements using a wide variety of materials. Our production shop works with a broad range of wood, metal, foam, and casting products to create dimensional objects for our designs. Our world class painters add even more excitement as they enhance our work with beautiful color and artistic detail. Printed graphics, lighting, and motion effects are also part of our repertoire.


Applying the finishing touches

Our skilled installation team delivers the excitement as the final elements are carefully put into place. We coordinate seamlessly with our customer’s facilities personnel to handle any logistics for getting the job done safely, properly, and on time. Jobs sometimes require us to make modifications during the installation process or help our customers with preparing the site. Our resourceful team is always prepared if those needs should arise.

“It’s really satisfying to stand back and see the enthusiasm our customers feel when we’ve completed an installation. Many times it’s part of a dream realized for them and it’s a blessing to be able to play a small part in that story.”
— Dave Maines, Installation Manager