Our versatile team includes designers, architects, engineers, and project managers who develop exciting solutions for everything from individual objects and details all the way up to multi-phase master plans for large attractions. We’re also adept at working with existing brands and visual styles to maintain thematic consistency across an entire project spectrum.


Kingdom Productions recognizes that the dreams of businesses can often get put on hold or never fulfilled because the task feels daunting or too costly to achieve. But, we encourage anyone we talk with to imagine what they’d like to see happen, because we approach planning with the idea of helping you develop a vision that can actually be realized and afforded. Our planning services can help your dreams become clear and achievable:

  • needs / competitive analysis
  • site / asset / resources analysis
  • exploratory design studies
  • master planning / renderings / 3D modeling
  • estimating / budgeting / timing
  • design / architectural / engineering
  • project management


We not only approach planning with the goal of enhancing entertainment value, experience, and aesthetics, but also how that transformation can be most cost effectively achieved. As experienced design/build professionals, we first look for what assets are already in place, but may just need re-purposing or a new presentation. That perspective is the result of helping our customers with hundreds of dramatic improvements to existing assets over the years.

We know that maintaining a large, complex site is an expensive business. And staying competitive and perpetually adding value is an ongoing challenge. We work with you to make the most of what you have for creating impact right now. And at the same time, we can be a big help in shaping where you’d like things to go.


A project has a better chance of succeeding if there’s an honest assessment of what resources, budget, and time is available. We believe the responsible thing is to devise a plan that makes it possible to achieve immediate results, build momentum through that impact, and have next steps prepared to begin at the appropriate time. Not many people can make sweeping changes all at once. Our experience has shown us that patience and persistence are usually part of any good plan.

Being an experienced design/build company gives us valuable insight that we gladly share with you. We take the time to understand what matters to you, what combined resources we have to make things happen, and what plan to follow to make the journey go smoothly.

We’re into creating relationships that last, and we develop those by providing good ideas and sensible, cost-effective solutions at the same time. Whether it’s individual projects or a large scale plan development, our attitude is always the same. It’s not about building our portfolio, it’s about earning your trust.