Services Overview


    After meeting with and fully understanding your objectives and parameters, we start dreaming! We conduct an internal “no-wrong-answers” brainstorming session, then present multiple concepts that will exceed your goals and “wow” your guests.


    Once a “concept” is agreed upon, we work out the design details and provide a final rendering. This can range from a color marker drawing to a photo-realistic, 3D modeled image. We use this approved “final look” to guide our decisions during fabrication and installation.


    We strongly believe in both form AND function – if it doesn’t work, or hold up to traffic, it’s not worth building. Also, our production model is based on engineering components to be built in-studio, so disruption and down time on location is kept to a minimum.


    Even though each project is unique, our years of experience assure quality construction, even when we have to call on our inner MacGyver. In addition, we’re able to fabricate whatever your project calls for entirely in-house, which helps keep us affordable.


    We pride ourselves on quick and efficient installations. Depending on the size, most of our makeovers take only about a week or less. And since we have a designated installation crew, the studio can stay busy working on your next project.